Meet Matt, one of the driving forces behind Kustom Kulture Blast-Off! A remarkable individual, Matt is not only a great guy but also a truly talented artist. His passion for the Kustom Kulture scene is evident in everything he does. Matt is the backbone of our event, always ready to get stuck in and ensure that every artist is well taken care of. Beyond his organizational prowess, Matt's artistic flair shines through, as he personally designed our new logo, capturing the essence of our unique event. His dedication and creative spirit make Kustom Kulture Blast-Off an unforgettable experience for both participants and attendees alike.




Meet Jake Newman, an integral part of Kustom Kulture Blast-Off! Jake, one of our organizers, excels in handling bookings and serves as the primary contact for our traders. His organizational skills ensure a stellar event lineup, while his dedication to seamless coordination makes him a key player in the success of Kustom Kulture Blast-Off.


Introducing Tom Hodgetts, the vibrant force behind Kustom Kulture Blast-Off! As our social media and marketing guru, Tom infuses boundless energy into our team. With a dynamic approach to promotion and a knack for engaging content, he brings a fresh perspective to our event. Tom, the young blood of our team, ensures that Kustom Kulture Blast-Off stays on the cutting edge, captivating audiences and fostering a sense of excitement. His passion for the scene and innovative marketing strategies make him an invaluable asset, driving the success of our event with enthusiasm and creativity.