Welcome to the exhilarating world of Kustom motorcycles, where chrome gleams, engines roar, and creativity knows no bounds! We're beyond thrilled to extend a warm invitation to our Kustom Bike Show—an extraordinary event paying homage to the artistry and engineering prowess of Kustomized motorcycles. In collaboration with the iconic custom motorcycle shop, Matchbook Custom, renowned for their expertise in transforming Harley Davidsons, this show promises an immersive experience into the zenith of motorcycle Kustomization.

Our showcase spans an extensive array of categories, ensuring that every style and era of bikes receives its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Whether you're a dedicated builder, an avid rider, or simply a fan of these two-wheeled wonders, our show, sponsored and judged by the amazing Matchbook Custom, guarantees an unparalleled journey into the world of motorcycle customization.

All motorcycles on-site are automatically entered into the competition, except for the Best in Show, for which you can submit an application. Prizes await winners in categories designed to celebrate every facet of motorcycle Kustomization:

  • People's Choice and Best Of Show: Cast your vote for your favorites, and the ultimate winner walks away with £1000! To enter this competition, please fill out the Best in Show motorcycle application.
  • Sportster Street and Radical: For those who've transformed their Sportsters into street-savvy rides or radically different machines.
  • Daily Rider: Celebrating bikes that aren't just showpieces but are ridden regularly.

  • Antique, Most Original, and Antique Original: Showcasing bikes that transport us back in time with their vintage charm.

  • Big Twin and Radical: For the V-twin enthusiasts, whether for the street or a radical makeover.

  • Chopper and Bobber: Highlighting the artistry in chopper and bobber style bikes.

  • European and Asian Import: A nod to the finest imported machines from Europe and Asia.

  • Best Paint: Only the tightest paint job can claim this coveted title.

  • Best Trike : Celebrating three-wheeled wonders 

Join us for a day filled with stunning Kustom bikes, passionate builders, and a community that shares your love for two-wheeled art. Whether you’re entering your prized bike or just coming to enjoy the show, you're in for an unforgettable experience, proudly sponsored by the extraordinary Matchbook Custom—a haven for Harley Davidson enthusiasts!