Welcome to the heartwarming world of Super Shoes, our official charity for Kustom Kulture Blastoff! Super Shoes is on a mission to spread joy and empowerment to children and young people battling cancer by creating custom-designed shoes tailored to each individual's unique personality and interests.

Each pair of Super Shoes is a work of art, hand-painted by a Super Artist to capture the essence of a particular child or young person. From favorite games and sports teams to beloved music, animals, colors, and TV programs, every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect the recipient's passions. These personalized shoes serve as a constant reminder of the child's identity beyond their illness, challenges, and treatment.

Super Shoes offer more than just footwear—they are a source of mobility, promoting wellbeing, and fostering a sense of strength and confidence. For children, wearing their Super Shoes feels like donning a pair of superpowers, empowering them to face their battles with courage and resilience.

If you're wondering how to get Super Shoes for your child, it's simple. Residents of the UK (including Channel Islands) currently undergoing cancer treatment and aged up to 18 are eligible for this special gift. Referrals are accepted through trusted partners like Young Lives Vs Cancer and LATCH (in Wales). Our dedicated team ensures that each child receives their one-of-a-kind pair of Super Shoes with love and care.

The heartwarming story of Super Shoes began in 2013, inspired by the brave journey of four-year-old Henry Allen, who was battling Neuroblastoma. Henry's love for lions, Lego, and Disney's Lightning McQueen sparked the idea for his customized shoes, which brought him immense joy during his fight against cancer. Henry's legacy lives on through Super Shoes, which has since brought smiles to countless children and families across the UK.

At Kustom Kulture Blastoff, we are honored to support Super Shoes in their mission to spread happiness and hope to children facing cancer. Join us in celebrating the incredible work of Super Shoes and their dedicated team of volunteers, including Super Artists, Super Admin Volunteers, and Super Terrific Trustees. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these courageous young superheroes.